Temp Policy for Dental Professionals


We are excited to have you join our free referral network of dental professionals and employers! Our purpose is to get you temp job opportunities so you can temp at dental offices and earn money!

Our service is completely free for job seekers aka temps that are looking for work. The only fees we collect are from our dental office clients that we help staff.

For everyone to be successful it’s important we outline the policies for temping at dental offices. 

  • Direct Dental Staffing aka “DDS, Inc” is a referral staffing agency and not your employer.
  • Our service is Free to you the temp or applicant. We do not charge a fee to you the “Temp”. We collect 100% of our staffing fees from our dental office clients “The Employers.”
  • DDS, Inc may provide a copy of your resume, licenses, certifications, and employment verification documents to our Clients with the purpose of referring your employment for jobs.
  • You agree to notify DDS, Inc. if you are offered any Full-time, Part-time, and/or Temporary positions from any Client of DDS, Inc.
  • You agree to notify us if you are contacted by any of our Clients for employment opportunities. This includes discussing your application, interviewing, working interviews and temporary work assignments.
  • Please show up to each temp assignment on time and prepared to work. When you accept a temp job, you are committing to work that job. Please only accept temp jobs that you are able to commit to. Cancelling on jobs will result in probation followed by suspension where you will not receive any temp job requests. No showing assignments is very unprofessional and will result in termination from the referral network.
  • You as the Temp or Applicant declare that all licenses are current and are valid in the State of California and that all personal information provided to DDS, Inc. is accurate and true.

Ten Successful Temping Tips!

Tip #1

Call the office and introduces yourself and reconfirm details.

Tip #2

Mark temp dates in your calendar. Don’t double book yourself!

Tip #3

Keep track of the offices you temp at and the pay period.

Tip #4

Take your Documents with you to temp assignments. This includes RDH, RDA, X-ray license, CPR card, drivers license etc.

Tip #5

Arrive early to fill out paper work, take a tour of the office and meet the staff and introduce yourself to the doctors.

Tip #6

Once you accept to work a temp job request, you are expected to work that job. DO NOT FLAKE or NO SHOW A JOB! This is very unprofessional and offices count on you being there and helping with their patients. If you don’t show up for work it reflects poorly on you, causes issues for the dental office and the patients who were relying on your treatment. We understand emergencies happen but please note that we keep track and we will be unable to refer you to temp jobs if you’re unreliable. If you must cancel, let us know ASAP to give us a chance to help find the office a replacement.

Tip #7

Stay connected with us and send us your availability. We love to help you find work on your days off. 

Tip #8

There is always room to grow and experience different office and learning from doctors will help expand your dental knowledge. Don’t be afraid to try and learn something new.  

Tip #9

Give us feedback on how we are doing and also with office that you temp at. We like hearing if you had a good time with a office. IT MAKES OUR DAY!

Tip #10

Refer your friends to Direct Dental Staffing. Helping your friend earn money is always a nice thing to do. Refer your friend and if they get hire, you get a refer bonus as well. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please give us a call at (619)295-1002. Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!

-Your Team at Direct Dental Staffing

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