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Do I have to withhold taxes when I pay a temp?

DDS does not offer advice regarding taxes since the laws are constantly changing.  We direct you to the financial adviser for your office to discuss the best option for you.

How do you screen your applicants?
We conduct face-to-face interviews with all candidates, verify identification and licensure, and perform thorough reference checks.  If, after the references come back, we feel that we would not have the person work in our office with us, we most certainly will not send them to yours.  Under absolutely no circumstances will DDS refer someone for work that we have not personally met with.
How much do I pay the temp and how is that calculated?
A flat rate will apply for all dental hygienists at $45 per hour and all dentists at $75 per hour based off of industry standards.  After reviewing their skills and experience, DDS establishes rates for front office and assistants.  When placing a temporary job order you will designate a range your office is comfortable paying, DDS will then find a suitable applicant.
How quickly can a position be filled?

Most temporary positions are filled within minutes.  To ensure your temporary job will be filled promptly, our applicants are required to check in with us on a weekly basis

The amount of time it takes to fill a permanent position varies for each client.  Your prompt response is key in expediting the hiring process.  Our primary goal is to provide your office with only the highest quality candidates, please keep in mind it takes time to go through our database and thoroughly screen applicants for your position.  Quality placements cannot be rushed. Although we cannot guarantee it, we aim to provide you with at least one candidate for your position by the end of the day your job order is received.  Utilizing our temping services is a convenient option if help is needed immediately.

I just found out that one of my employees is not coming to work and you are closed, what do I do?
Call our main number. It is automatically routed to our after hours line where one of our Staffing Coordinators will personally answer the phone no matter what time of day or night and promptly assist the needs of your office. Please keep in mind this service is intended to be utilized only for emergencies that cannot wait until the office re-opens for normal business hours.
What are the fees I will incur for using your services?
Dentist $50.00
RDH    and RDHEF  $25.00
RDAEF, RDA, DA and Front Office  $21.00

For a permanent placement you will pay DDS a one time fee of 50% of the applicant’s average monthly gross.

What happens if I pay the permanent placement fee and the person does not work out?
We expect all of our placements to be long term employees; however, we understand that sometimes things do not work out.  For your peace of mind, DDS offers a 90-day guarantee on all of our permanent placements.  If the position fails for any reason, (whether you decide it is not a good fit or the candidate does), you will only be required to pay for the services you used. We will ask you for the total number of days the employee worked and multiply that by the temporary fee for that position.  If a credit is due we will refund you the difference or leave the credit on your account to be used for future placements, whichever you prefer.
When and how do I pay for your services?
Invoices for services rendered by DDS are emailed out bi-weekly.  You can pay your invoice directly through the email by clicking the “Pay Invoice” tab.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted.  For your convenience, you can also pay on our website or mail a check.
When do I pay the temp?
According to the California Labor Laws a temporary employee must be added to payroll and paid when your employee payroll goes out. Please ensure you document thier mailing address or have them sign up for direct deposit.
When I have a temp in my office, do I pay them or does Direct Dental Staffing?
DDS is a referral service only, which means we put you in contact with an employee that meets your needs.  This candidate is considered your employee for the duration of the assignment and is to be paid directly by your offices.
Why should I use Direct Dental Staffing to help me find a permanent employee rather than advertise the position on my own?
Screening potential employees can be time-consuming and stressful.  DDS is well networked in the dental community and is constantly interviewing potiential candidates so when your job comes up, we are ready.  We also post to over 50 job board to increase our reach for candidates.  DDS is a valuable resource for offices who want to receive only the highest quality candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Professionals (Applicants)

Am I allowed to work with other agencies or apply for jobs on my own?
Yes.  We completely understand that you have bills to pay, so do we.  We want you to give yourself the best opportunity to find a position.  We require that you stay organized as to what jobs you referred yourself to and which agency refers you to which clients and on which days.  We suggest buying a day planner so you can write down the details of each assignment, including the name of the office, your contact at the office, phone number, hours, and what agency referred you.  You may have been referred to “Dr. Jones” on Tuesday by another agency but that does not mean that “Dr. Jones” will not call us for an assignment on Thursday.  Just as you may utilize multiple resources to find a position, so do offices.
Do I have to pay Direct Dental Staffing?
As long as you notify DDS of any time spent working in one of our client’s offices (that we referred you to) you will not have to pay any fees for our services.  If you work for one of our clients and do not notify us you may be held responsible for fees to DDS.
Do I have to temp or can I just look for a permanent job?
That is completely up to you.  We will assist you in finding whatever type of position you are looking for; temporary, permanent, or both.  However, if you can accept temp work, it greatly increases your chances of finding a permanent position.  As many of our clients hire our candidates because they enjoyed having them as a temp!
Do you keep track of the offices that I have been sent to?

Due to the number of applicants that DDS is actively servicing it is up to you to stay organized as to which offices we refer you to.  This is where a day planner comes in handy.

How do I sign up with your agency?
Fill out the form for the Dental Professionals in the “Services” section and we will be in touch right away to schedule an interview.  You only get one opportunity for a first impression.  Make sure when you come in for your interview that you are dressed appropriately.  The way you present yourself to us is the way we think you will present yourself to our clients.  Please refrain from bringing children, spouses, friends, or any other person with you to your interview.  We have limited time to spend with you and want to make sure you get the quality attention you deserve without interruption.  Please contact us prior to your appointment time if you are unable to make it, as we have a waiting list of applicants wanting to interview with us. We will reschedule for another time that works better for you.





How long is my contract valid for with Direct Dental Services?
Your contract is valid for one year from the date that you signed it or one year from the last day we refer you for work, whichever is later.  While you are under contract you are required to notify us if any clients contact you regarding positions.
How much work will you be able to provide me?
Unfortunately, we cannot give a definite answer to this question.  The nature of this business is unpredictable.  We never know when we are going to get work in, how much work will be available, or where it will be located.  The more flexible you are with your rate, travel time, and availability will increase the number of assignments that you are eligible for.  Make sure to check in weekly with us regarding your availability.  Preference goes to the applicants who have checked in with us, rather than applicants we have not heard from in a while.
What should I bring to the interview?

Everyone is required to bring documents proving your eligibility to work in the United States. The most common forms are your social security card and state issued identification card. If you do not have these forms of identification please make sure to ask what other forms are acceptable when you are scheduling your interview. A resume is also required for every person (Curriculum Vitae if you are a Doctor) whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary position.  Additional information is required for the following positions:

*** We must see original identification documents. Photocopies will not be accepted and you will be ineligible for work until original documents are provided. ***

  • DA: Certificate of graduation from your dental assisting program, California x-ray license, current CPR
  • Front Office: California x-ray license (if you have one)
  • RDA and RDAEF: Current pocket license, California x-ray license (if it is not on your x-ray license), current CPR
  • RDH and RDHEF: Current pocket license, current CPR
  • Dentist: Current pocket license, Current DEA, Current Liability, Current CPR
What level of commitment do I have to make to Direct Dental Services?
We work for you just as much as we work for our clients.  You are in charge of your level of commitment to DDS.  During the interview, we will ask you for your availability, distance willing to travel, positions you are willing to work in, and the rate of pay you would like to make.  We will only contact you for positions meeting your requirements.  Keep in mind, the more restrictions you have, the fewer jobs you will be contacted for.  The more flexible you are, the more positions you will be eligible for.