The employment laws in California are ever changing and while the demand for dental temps in increasing, it has become more difficult for Dental Offices to employ dental temps.

Have no fear!  We are here to help!  This post takes a quick look at how to work around the system.


We want to start out by saying we advise you to work with your attorney or CPA to confirm compliance related to employment law and 1099 vs W2.

But the basic gist is that all dental temps need to be added to your payroll and paid out as W2 employees. This obviously costs you extra money and time since you pretty much have to hire a new employee every time a temp walks in your office.  How annoying!

But the alternative is to cancel patients and lose all that production.


EEK!!  That doesn’t work either!


So here is an idea to make it so you don’t have shell out time and money every time you need a temp.


Build yourself a Dental Temp Bench.

 A what?

 A roster of dental professionals that you use over and over again.  Find 3 Registered Dental Hygienists, 3 Registered Dental Assistants or Dental Assistants, and 2 Front Office persons, that can assist on the days that you need extra help.  

 That way you only have to add the person to your payroll the once.  And whenever they come back to your office they are already set up!

But how do I build a Dental Temp Bench?

That’s easy!  Whenever Direct Dental Staffing staffs you with a temp you like, let us know!  We will notate that they are on your temp bench, so the next time you request a temp, we will reach out to those persons first!


Also with DirectDental, there are never any placement or staffing fees.  When you find a temp you like on DirectDental, bookmark their profile, so whenever you need a temp, you can reach out to them directly and have them return to your office as often as you need them!  Thus putting them on your Dental Temp Bench.


Voila!  I hope this post helps!