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Why Direct Dental Staffing?

Better than a traditional staffing agency, more helpful than a regular job board. 

Completely free to find jobs on your own or with the help of our staffing team.

We have successfully placed thousands of candidates into dental offices for Full-time, Part-time and Temporary Positions

How to Start

  1. Sign Up – Create your free profile, it only takes a few minutes.
  2. Complete Your Profile – Add work experience and skills to match with jobs that are right for you. 
  3. Find Work – Receive job requests or apply directly. Get hired and get paid.

Services We Offer

  • Free Professional Profile 
  • Full-time & Part-time Jobs
  • Daily Temp Jobs
  • Resume and Interview Prep
  • Salary/Pay Negotiation
  • 100% Guaranteed Pay
  • Zero Costs & No Contracts

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Direct Dental Staffing has been proudly serving Southern California’s dental community since 2002. We pride ourselves on matching talented dental professionals with dental offices across all dental specialties.

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Sign Up Free

Create your professional profile in minutes. Completely free with no contracts.


Receive Job Requests

Accept or decline job requests from dental offices. Apply to jobs that fit your lifestyle with total control.


Accept Jobs and Earn Money

Book daily temp shifts or find a new permanent job that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Direct Dental Staffing really a free service?

Yes we provide free service to job seekers!  We never take a percentage of pay or charge anything at all to candidates looking for perm or temp placements.

Is it true there is no contract?

Correct, we don’t require job seekers to sign a contract that would limit your ability to work with other job finding services. We provide a flexible service to give you as many options as possible for finding the right perm or temps jobs. 

Am I allowed to work with other staffing services or apply to jobs on my own?

Absolutely we want you to find the work you love anyway possible! We are here to help place you in dental offices that we work with. If we refer you to an office for a perm or temp job, we just ask that you communicate and let us know if you get hired permanently or return for more temp days. 

Do I have to temp or can I just look for a permanent job?

That is completely up to you. We will assist you in finding whatever type of position you are looking for; temporary, permanent, or both. However, if you can accept temp work, it greatly increases your chances of finding a permanent position. As many of our clients hire our candidates because they enjoyed having them as a temp!

How do I get paid?

You get paid directly by the dental offices you work with. Before you confirm any job you will know the pay rate and scheduled hours. When you complete a job, some offices pay you at the end of the same day and others pay on a set schedule. In either case, your paycheck is important to us and  when you find work with Direct Dental Staffing we always ensure you get your paycheck and even guarantee it to give you peace of mind. 

How do I get started?

You can sign up and create a free profile in minutes. We recommend you complete your profile so it looks professional and highlights your amazing skills. You can apply jobs with 1-click using your profile and dental offices can view and request you for work directly.