If you have been with your current dental practice for a while, you might be seeing job posts offering a higher rate of pay than what you are currently making.  

And that is because the rate of pay for all dental professionals has been rising as the demand for qualified candidates has increased.

If you haven’t asked for a raise before, now might be the perfect time to do so.

Asking for an increase in pay is scary, but with these tips, we should be able to get you a nice, big, fat raise!  


Step 1 – Know your worth! –  Do your research to know what your current position is making.  This post on pay rates for dental professionals gives you an easy breakdown. Before you sit down to ask for your raise, have a specific number picked out.  

Step 2 – Show your worth! Have examples of how you have added value and how you will continue to add value to the practice ready.

Step 3 – Stay a team!  Use the word “we” more than you use the words “you” or “I”, as this will come off as less threatening and will make sure your employer sees you as a team player rather than employer vs employee.

Step 4 – Embrace the awkwardness – Be ready for an awkward silence and stay silent.  First to speak, usually loses.

Step 5 – Timing is everything –  If you just finished a large case and you and your dentist worked flawlessly together, this would be the time to strike!

Follow these simple steps and your boss will be begging to give you a raise.  If not, give us a call at (619)295-1002 or apply on our Job Board and we will start helping you find a new position.  It’s a win-win!