No matter what position you hold, whether you are a  Dental Assistant, Hygienist, Front Office Manager or Dentist, there are many benefits to working with an agency.  Let’s quickly explore the benefits to help you land your perfect job!

Benefits to working with an agency:

  1. You’ve probably heard the famous saying “it is not what you know, but who you know.” Think of a dental staffing agency as an extremely well networked friend.  With your permission we will be able to get more dentists and office managers to review your resume than if you just submitted on your own.  Why?  Because the dental practices we work with trust that we are going to send them only the best candidates for their job.
  2. We will keep you busy with work until you find a position.  On top of our permanent placements we also assist offices with temporary staffing.  So, on the days you aren’t doing interviews, we can set you up with temp jobs so you still have money coming in. Also, about 50% of our permanent placements happen because an office falls in love with their temp.  The more temp jobs you can take increases your odds of getting hired.  
  3. We offer guidance and feedback to help improve your interview skills and get you the salary you want.  During your interview, we will give feedback to better streamline your answers. We will discuss interview attire, make necessary changes to your resume, and coach and practice verbiage to ask for the salary you deserve.
  4. You can make your own hours! If you only want to accept temporary work, you work when you want to work.  We will tell you about all the temp jobs that come in and you get to decide if you want to accept them or not.  Simple and convenient!

Getting the most out of working with an agency:

  1. Treat your interview with the agency like a real interview.  Dress appropriately, be on time, come prepared.  We assume how you act in your agency interview is how you will act when we send you to interview with our dental clients.  The better the presentation the more likely we are to get your resume out to our clients.
  2. Be responsive to us and our clients.  If we send your resume to a client, the client calls and you don’t call back, we are going to assume you aren’t serious about finding a job and will move on to candidates that are being responsive.  We will also ask you before sending your resume out, so please respond to our clients when they call.  
  3. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!  We are meeting with dozens of candidates a week to find the personnel our clients need.  By checking in at least once a week ensures that as new job requests come in, your resume is being sent out.  Same thing if you are temping, letting us know what days you are available each week will ensure when job requests come in that they will be assigned to you.   
  4. Have fun! This is an exciting time where you get to network and meet different people and their practices.  Make sure to smile and enjoy this time we get to work together!  And make sure to stay in touch after you get a job.  We love to hear from you!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Direct Dental Staffing specializes in temporary and permanent placements in Southern California. Our agency is a free service for candidates looking for work in the dental field. If you’re interested in exploring our open positions, submitting a resume, or scheduling an interview, please contact us at (619) 295-1002 or visit our website at